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What is Metabolic efficiency testing (MET)?

MET is a test that measures your oxygen (O2) consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) production to determine your caloric burn and your ratios of fat and carbohydrate utilisation.

The tests are done at rest, and during exercise using either a bike or treadmill. The exercise test will start easy and gradually increase in intensity until you reach your VO2max (your maximum ability to use oxygen to produce energy). The latter will provide your fuel utilisation at progressive intensity levels and / or power output.

How can MET help me?

  • Discover any metabolic dysfunctions
  • Determine your current preferential fuel source - are you a sugar or fat burner?
  • Develop an efficient fuelling plan and plan your race or event to avoid "hitting the wall"
  • Learn your specific training zones to fine tune your training and improve your fat burning ability and endurance, as well as improve performance
  • Retest post nutrition and training intervention to see how your metabolism has been transformed
  • A holistic solution to a better lifestyle for any individual - athlete or not

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