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Ultra168 Product Review: Raidlight Dual Finger Running Shoe

Ultra168 — a leading online resource for ultra marathon and trail running— has posted a review of our respected and revolutionary Raidlight Dual Finger Running Shoe.

Caine WarburtonWe were fortunate that the review was done by trail, mountain and ultra marathon runner Caine Warburton; who you could say has run a few tracks in his time (including the Sky Running World Championships in Chamonix; Yurrebilla Ultra Marathon in South Australia; Noumea International Marathon in New Caledonia and Ice Trail Tarentaise — a 65km/5000m+ Sky race in France; among many others).

Key Raidlight Dual Finger Running Shoe stats

Weight: 270g (pair)
Drop: 3mm
Grip: 3mm multidirectional lugs
Price: $169

Here are some of the things that Caine had to say about the Dual Finger Trail Running Shoes:

“The shoe sports a number of interesting features, including a split toe design, customisable cushioning system and free ‘resoling’ for the life of the shoe*.”

“The first thing that catches your eye when you open the box on the Dual Finger is the distinctive split toe. This design (true to Japanese footwear) divides the big toe from the rest of toes within the toe box to allow independent movement of the two. This design lends itself to greater proprioception during the landing and toe off phase of the running gait and as such tends to suit those runners who prefer greater movement and flexibility within the forefoot. The split is long enough to ensure movement but not so long as to touch or impede the webbing between the big and second toes.”

“The midsole of the Dual Finger provides plenty of cushioning with a soft but responsive foam composite, however, Raidlight has gone one step further and added in a customisable cushioning system. Under the heel of the inner sole, within the foot bed, is a removable/replaceable pad that can be switched out to provide either a more cushioned or stiffer ride depending on the user’s preference or intent for the shoe, i.e. racing or training. The foot bed of the shoe provides good flexibility under the forefoot but maintains some structure under the mid/rear foot again lending this shoe the capacity for long distance sessions for the average runner.”

“The grip of the Dual Finger sole is impressive for its design with deep moderately spaced rubber lugs close enough to provide even grip but spaced ideally to shed excess mud/dirt.”

“The Dual Finger is an interesting shoe that has been designed to provide a unique freedom of movement under the forefoot whilst still retaining enough features and structure to make it appealing for long distances.”

Read the full review here.

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